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Your Clear Advantage

Better understand the challenges that you are facing with Your Clear Advantage. 


This program provides significant improvement, efficiency, and resources that will help drive your organization forwards. 

By combining your COBRA Administration, A Connected Employee Benefits Portal, Learning, and Compliance Support all in once place - you will never be playing catch up again.  

Simplify Your Benefits, Simplify Your Life.

COBRA Administration

Time to remove the burden of ongoing compliance and payment reconciliation that is required when managing COBRA.  With  automated connections to your Benefit Administration system, COBRA compliance is a breeze.


Online Benfits Adminsitration & Enrollment

Take the keys to a fully built and managed benefit administration and
online enrollment portal. Provide your HR team as well as your employees the benefits experience of a Fortune 500 company!!


Learn - Employee Training Courses

Manage all your employee’s training needs in a single location. Easy to assign, track and schedule training through the learning management system to keep employees educated and engaged.  

Included topics: Pandemic Response, Compliance & Legal, Computer & IT, Customer Service, Harassment, Human Resources, Professional Development, and Workplace Safety


Human Resource Support

With Access to live HR support on call - you never have to wonder about that tough policy or employment question again!  Receive a compliant state and federal Employee Handbook as well as ERISA compliant Wrap-Doc's and  POP plans!

Clear Water
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